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20 years

of expériences and beautiful stories

Various experiences

1997 - 2008                           

Auchan Group web site - team management
Manage the communication plan
Develop the adress acquisition plan (games, co-registering operations,…)
Launch the Store local kit
Build and rebiuld the web site
Manage the team (3 to 10 people)

Customer call center – team management
Manage te partners (call center, advisors)
Launch the Customer Voice
Manage the team

Other projects
Launch a strategic watch “new economy” for the group
Create the store home delivery process
Launch the first drive concept store
Take part in other website projects :,,,,, ...

2008 - 2015


Sales Manager - Partner
Manage the consultant team (8 people) to advice 100 of our clients
Develop the sales (from 1 to 6M€)
Animate the partnership SAP / HYBRIS / MAGENTO / AKENEO / ...
Recruit our talent
Participate to the Executive Board

2016 - 2017

Jagger & Lewis

Chief Operations Officer
Manage resources to the most productive uses with the aim of creating maximum value for our 14 people startup
Develop and deploy the organization's strategy & mission statement to the team
Implement appropriate rewards & recognition
Align the team with company goals
Plan by prioritizing customers, employees, and organizational requirements
Launch our product : 100 K$ sales on the first quarter with a kickstarter campaign and BtoB sales.

2015 - 2018                         


Startups Business Accelerator
Develope your Sales
Improve your Digital omnicanal performances
Optimize the customer experience levers
Organize you Kickstarter campaign


+10 000 coffees

+100 pre-sales

Salres > €25M

1 stuff innovation award

5 e-commerce Awards

and a lot of pleasure

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